Blogging For Cash - Is It Possible To Turn This Into A Lucrative Career?

Blogging for cash can be a fun personal outlet that allows others to read your opinions and thoughts. It’s also a great way to meet new people with similar interests, or to expose yourself to new ideas. Many writers get their start by creating their own blog, and blogging has lead to multiple job opportunities in many fields for those who gain a significant amount of popularity.

Now more than ever, individuals have so many opportunities to use blogging for cash as a paid hobby, or even a full-time job. Whether you are blogging on someone else’s site as a guest writer, or you decide to embark on your own web blog, here are some ideas to get you started making money through blogging:

Apply To Writer Sponsored Blog Posts

Since the birth of PayPerPost, one of the first sponsored blog posting companies on the internet, many online blog posting networks have popped up all over the place. These companies take applications from established blog writers - though the term ‘established’ applies loosely - to accept writing tasks from hundreds of different companies. These companies pay cash for bloggers to review products and websites, or write keyword-rich blogs that link back to their website. If you already have a website and have been blogging for a minimum of six months, and meet some other basic criteria, you can begin writing sponsored blog posts start blogging for cash on the side.

Offer Advertising Directly On Your Website

If you have a significant amount of traffic constantly flowing to your blog, you may consider offering your visitors the opportunity to advertise directly on your website. Blogging has become so popular, and many people are become more and more interested in the daily lives and thoughts of others. Advertisers are more than willing to pay bloggers directly for a prominent spot on their blog, either through a link or a banner advertisement. Some blogs, such as, have secured a steady income of over $50,000 simply by blogging and allowing advertisers to place their links on their websites.

Sign Up With An Advertising Network

Many bloggers are turning to advertising networks to build a positive stream of income while blogging for cash. Google AdSense offers bloggers a program where they place relevant ads on their website, and earn money whenever a visitor clicks one. Other advertising networks are geared specifically to make money for blogging websites, and pay bloggers a certain amount of money for every thousand advertisements they display on their blogs.

If blogging is something that you’ve always done for fun, if you are a mom considering working from home and want to have a career blogging for cash, now is as good a time as ever to start. With hosting being very affordable, starting your own blog is relatively cheap, and there are dozens of free resources to help you get your start in blogging. With the opportunities for advertising so widespread, you could turn blogging into a full-time career that brings in more money than your current office job with just a small amount of effort.

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