Direct Marketing Internet Strategies - What Are The Downfalls?

Direct marketing internet plans employ the sending of message directly to consumers, without any other form of media intervening. This can be done through e-mail, forum messages, or comments, all of which are unsolicited. This type of plan also focuses attention bringing in sales directly though these methods, but do not track negative responses to such marketing acts. Sales made through these marketing measures are considered direct responses.

Direct marketing plans can also direct consumers to a phone number or website, where they can purchase the product or service. Sales that are made through these methods, where the consumer is directed to the contact information and makes a purchase through that avenue, are also considered direct responses.

The problem with direct marketing strategies is that because that are unsolicited, they are also often unwelcome by consumers. Comparable to telemarketing or direct mailing practices, direct marketing strategies aim to bombard consumers with their sales pitch, in hopes that some of the consumers will purchase the product.

Direct marketing techniques are also very intrusive to consumers, who don’t have the option to continue past the pitch. These types of techniques are a huge turnoff for many consumers, and can in fact drive potential customers away from your business or product. And because direct marketing strategies rely on e-mail or direct correspondence, they can become a costly method of marketing, since the technique requires bulk e-mail leads that usually have to be purchased to be employed. This is perhaps one of the most costly marketing strategies, direct marketing techniques produce the least amount of results, making it a waste of both time and money.

Of the most popular methods of marketing practices, direct marketing internet strategies is probably one of the worst choices for a business to make. Instead, focus your money, time, and attention on building brand name awareness through more positive methods of marketing, such as PPC search engine internet marketing or viral marketing. These methods are generally more cost-effective, and can produce much better results for your business.

Direct marketing internet techniques had their place in the marketing world at one point in time, but as consumers grow more aware of shady business practices, and strive to learn more about the product or service being sold before making their final decision, it’s time to offer consumers a better marketing method that actually gives them the information they are looking for. Direct marketing strategies are certainly not a good way to go about doing so, and should be avoided at all costs.

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