A Real Work At Home Job And The Best Legitimate-Work-At-Home Jobs Can Be Found On The Internet - Avoid The Scams To Find The Best Job For You

A real work at home job or legitimate-work-at-home jobs are on the internet. When I first started looking for a home-based job all I could find was scam after scam. There really was no information to go directly to a source for a legitimate work at home opportunity. Even the major job sites list work at home jobs as a category but many of them are ads for you to do something requiring you to pay for information. So the question is how do you figure out what is a real work at home job?

First ask yourself if the job is too good to be true. There are many sites offering internet marketing advice and promoting online scams. You would go on the website to find the secret way to make $30,000 dollars in your first month of business for a small amount of money and then end up paying a lot more money to belong to the inner circle where you are told you need to pay even more money to get a tool that this person uses that is really useless. Watch out for the get rich quick propositions.

Then there are the websites that require you to pay:

  • administrative or registration fees
  • software fees
  • fees to start or train to learn the job
  • fees for materials to start your craft job
  • the pay me now so that I know you really want to do this job fee


The last is my personal favorite. It is best to avoid these traps if you are looking for a real work at home job opportunity. Regular companies do not ask their employees to pay for these kinds of things. They choose the best person for the job. If it is a serious job opportunity the legitimate work from home business would ask for a resume or a sample of what you did in the past. You would also want to get a contract or work agreement in writing.

Some of the most easily recognizable work at home scams are:

  • Typing jobs
  • Rebate Processing jobs
  • Data Entry jobs
  • Process e-mails
  • Craft jobs
  • Envelope Stuffing jobs
  • Medical Billing jobs


It is important to note that it is possible that there are people out there working in legitimate work from home jobs in the above listings but the vast majority of them are not a real work from home business.

Another way to figure out if you are interested in a scam is to check the website to see if there is contact information that is real. If you see many testimonials on a site and no way to verify if they are true then it is best to walk away.

You can be easily fooled by many of these work from home job opportunities. I have fallen for them myself trying to find the perfect real work at home job opportunity that would allow me to have the freedom to work on my own schedule from home. My website is here to help anyone who is looking for a real work at home job. My hope is that after reading about all of the scams that are there you can be able to save your money and not fall into the same traps that I did.

The question then becomes, What is the most real work at home job or legitimate work at home jobs?

After a lot of research and hard work you can find a real work at home job but keep in mind that it takes some skills, the desire to succeed, and sometimes money to invest.

If you are working in a job that you could possibly do from home. You can approach your employer with the benefits of your doing that job outside the office part-time to start or maybe your boss is more receptive and you can work from home full-time.

Some jobs that many have performed from home that have been around for a while are:

  • Medical Transcription
  • Mortgage Processing
  • Mortgage Underwriting


Companies that hire people to do this type of work would want to know that you have experience in these fields before they would allow you to work from home. For example, a mortgage underwriter would to have been underwriting for a mortgage company and have certificates and sponsorship from a bank before they would be allowed to work from home.

Then there are the home-based internet jobs. You can make money through:

  • surveys
  • testing products
  • freelance work
  • shopping
  • developing websites
  • working with multi level marketing groups
  • selling through Ebay
  • internet marketing


The best home based business advice I can give to you on your quest to find real home-based job, is to look at the type of job that most interests you and research the company. The legit work at home jobs are not the easy money scams. It is best to find multiple sources of income on the internet so that you can build your way to success and financial freedom.

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