Viral Marketing Campaign - The Buzz Behind Why It 's So Effective

A viral marketing campaign is a unique marketing technique that branches across many of the popular social networking sites to increase brand awareness, without necessarily divulging the company behind the marketing. Viral marketing depends on others replicating or reproducing the content that is being used for marketing to spread the campaign across the internet. This is typically done through forms of media, such as e-books, videos, Flash media, even e-mail and text messaging. Done properly, viral marketing can produce some stunning results for the business behind the campaign and is a very effective internet marketing tool.

A viral marketing campaign relies on the belief that each consumer relays a good review about the product or service being marketed to three other people, and a bad review to an average of eleven people. By passing along a good review to three people, a business can build a positive brand image without doing much beyond provided a quality product or service.

If done improperly, viral marketing can result in a negative effect on the company’s brand image. Some companies try too hard to conceal that they are behind a viral marketing campaign, and may over think the process. This can result in individuals delving deeper into who is behind the viral marketing, and expose the company as trying too hard to appeal to consumers on a personal level.

While viral marketing typically refers to methods of spreading the word about a product or service online through non-traditional methods, viral marketing is also very prominent offline. Normally referred to as “word-of-mouth,” viral marketing is seen every day when a consumer passes along the word of a positive experience they had with a certain product or service, encouraging others to try the product or service for themselves. This kind of marketing is perhaps the most honest and positive marketing a company can have, because word-of-mouth marketing is based on genuine, honest opinions from trusted individuals, such as friends or family members. This kind of marketing is almost impossible to artificially reproduce. This "word of mouth" technique has been used to grow many successful network marketing companies.

While online, a company can create a buzz to start a viral marketing campaign going, the ultimate success behind a campaign depends on the popularity of the product or service being offered. Viral marketing is also directly impacted by the quality of a company’s customer service. Many marketing campaigns are spread through the internet via e-mail, blogs, and other methods, praising a company’s customer service for going above and beyond what is typically expected. Examples include how some corporations donated time, money, and resources to troops overseas, without causing a fuss about doing it, for the purpose of helping the soldiers and not for the purpose of publicity. When individuals caught word of these efforts, they praised the company and spread the word over the internet, generating a positive marketing campaign that was undoubtedly unexpected, and yet built a very positive brand image for the company.

A company’s best chance at a positive viral marketing campaign is to lightly push buzz about their products or services, and offering outstanding customer service along with it. By offering something above and beyond what is generally expected from businesses, you can create the most positive and successful viral marketing program. Remember that viral marketing works both ways, however, and a negative image can be spread faster and further than a positive one. These are things to consider when developing a customer service policy, and when producing a product or service that has not been thoroughly thought through before it is released to the general public.

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