What Is Internet Marketing, And What Does It Entail?

So what is internet marketing? If you own a website, or run your own business, no doubt you’ve heard about internet marketing. But when you try to figure out exactly what is internet marketing, you can find yourself left more confused than ever. It’s hard to implement a marketing technique when you have no idea what it is, let alone how it works.

Internet marketing is a method of advertising online. Almost everything on the internet is powered by advertising. This is what makes all of your favorite websites free to use. What is internet marketing’s appeal, is that it’s extremely affordable compared to more traditional methods of advertising, and the results can be astounding. The widest audience by far can be found online, and there’s no limit to who you can reach.

One of the greatest things about internet marketing is its interactivity, which is instantaneous. Consumers can find immediate answers to their questions, and the virtual market is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Many people confuse internet marketing with simple banner advertisement; this is merely one aspect of what internet marketing entails. True marketing involves the development and maintenance of an attractive website, that offers genuine information and content, and targeting the intended audience successfully through multiple media avenues. Banner advertising is a popular part of internet marketing, but music, videos, interactive blogs, and press releases are also a large part of a solid campaign.

What is internet marketing’s difference from traditional advertising methods? The individual approach, by far. Your targeted audience finds you through their own means, whether they’ve clicked on a banner advertisement on another website, or they’ve found you through terms entered in a search engine. They choose to find you through a message that is targeted to only them. This is perhaps the single most important factor in what makes internet marketing so successful.

What is the advantage of marketing on the internet? First and foremost, costs. Marketing online is considerably less expensive than traditional advertising avenues. You can reach a substantial audience for far less money than you can with any other method. Internet marketing also offers the most realistic picture in terms of monitoring results - while you can track statistics from most other types of marketing, internet marketing can offer statistics in real time, and almost completely accurate numbers. This makes it far easier for you to find what works and what doesn’t, and allows you to adjust your techniques accordingly.

Internet marketing does have a few disadvantages, since your audience may be required to stay updated with current software and other technologies to utilize your campaigns. You also can’t ensure that everyone will be able to view or hear your advertising methods equally, which means some individuals may have a poor experience, or see nothing at all. Traditional methods of advertising don’t normally have this problem. However, for the low costs, and the limitless possibilities, internet marketing has quickly become the gold standard of advertising, and when launched properly, can yield the best results by far for the least amount of money. You would be foolish to not utilize internet marketing to some degree in your advertising strategies!

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