The Work at Home Job Search Is The First Step To Finding a Legitimate Work From Home Job

When you begin your work at home job search it is important to remember that thorough research needs to be done before you can find a work from home job that is not a scam. In today's job market the idea of working from home is appealing to many people. Companies are down sizing and outsourcing to foreign countries. People are realizing the power of the internet as a job source and want to use it to find a work at home job. There are so many companies with scams because they are taking advantage of the sometimes desperate job searcher.

So, how do you go about your work at home job search without getting scammed?

The first place to look for your home-based job is to search through the major job listing sites, like or Define your search criteria using keywords like "telecommute", "freelance", "work from home", "work at home". You will need to weed through many job postings, but there are legitimate positions listed.

After you have exhausted looking through opportunies on the major sites try to go through freelance networks. There are many networks that have clients who need someone with skills in writing, graphic design, programming, researching, proofreading, customer service, and transcription.

Once you have found several jobs you might be interested in pursuing through your work at home job search, remember that jobs offering tons of money with little investment of time and no experience will not be legitimate. A company is going to want to hire someone who has skills relevant to the position. Employers that hire people to work from home want to know that their employees can work independently and do the job with little guidance. Again, stay away from any situations that promise "quick cash", "easy money" or "make money in your spare time".

What is the best way to investigate the opportunities you found in your work at home job search?

Work at home schemes are on the National Consumers League list of Top 10 Frauds. So many jobs offer only the promise to make money but nothing else. If you answer a job posting and the company wants you to pay them money, say "no" and walk away. If the job is too good to be true, it will be a scam.

Make sure to check your opportunity with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and Federal Trade Commission (FTC). When you check with the BBB you enter the company name or the web site into their search box and it will tell you if there have been complaints against the company. The FTC can tell you if a company might be part of an illegal pyramid scheme.

Another place to check would be This site has a bulletin board that users post questions about companies they are interested so they can find out if the job is a scam.

Remember, your work at home job search is going to take time. Finding the right job will not be easy but when you do it will be very rewarding.

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