A Work From Home Idea - You Can Start Your Own Candle Making Business

A work from home idea popular among those who are looking to supplement their income or even to have an enough money to replace their income from their current job is to start a candle making business.

This work from home business idea originally began with hobbyists who started to sell their candle creations as a business.

If you want to be your own boss, are creative and have the time and are willing to focus on building a real business this work from home idea might be the right fit for you.

  • double boiler to melt wax
  • a metal pouring pot
  • candle molds and a mold sealer
  • primed wicks
  • wax
  • candle dyes
  • basic household items like: scissors, tape measure, measured spoons
  • some research and a book about candle making will be a big help if you are not familiar with making a candle


Even though making a candle can be easily learned, the candle making process is more complex than most people realize. It is not just melting wax and pouring it into a mold. If you want to have this work from home idea be successful, you will need to do the research and spend a lot of time practicing and perfecting your candles. Test burn the candles and start giving away some of the candles that you make.

You can also make fragrant candles. Experiment with different types of aromas. There are lines of flavors made from synthetic chemicals and essential oils that are readily available. Click on the following link gourmet candle business to learn more about starting your own candle business.

There are hundreds of possibilities and it only takes a few drops of the essential oil to add the necessary amount of fragrance when making the candle, so it won't be too costly and will last a long time.

Think about niche marketing for your candle business. Pick one type of candle and specialize. Focus on making candles that large manufacturers don't make.

To market your candles give your first successful candles to everyone you know and ask them for feedback. You can set up tables in craft fairs, do home parties, open houses, develop a website, or even start a fundraiser.

There are many options in starting a home-based business. Candle making is just one home-based business idea. Think about your skills and hobbies and you will find you can start your own home business and make money from home.

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